Can One T-Shirt Change the World?

Nudnik's Negative Waste + Positive Impact kidswear reverses the damage we're doing to our planet!

Made to inspire endless possibility and always, always envisioning a better way.

Designed for the next generation of game-changers, leaders, innovators and disrupters.

Worn with curiosity & courage. 

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  • Unisex

    All Nudnik garments are designed gender-neutral so any child can wear any colour, anytime! 

  • Fabrics

    All of our t-shirts are made entirely from off-cut fabrics and end-of-roll threads that would otherwise pollute our planet!  100% virgin organic cotton. 

  • Surprise Colours

    Our t-shirts come in surprise multi-colour combinations that are as unique as the child wearing them! Our Nudnik colour rules promise each piece is on trend and designed to stimulate early childhood development!

  • Next Generation

    Designed for the next generation of game-changers, leaders and innovators!