The Earhart Sweatpant - NUDNIK

The Earhart Sweatpant

Your child’s go-to sweatpant – a perfect fit for all of their worldly adventures. This sweatpant comes with an elastic waist & banded cuffs, and features a bright colour block design. 

Our modern basics are designed with:

  • A comfortable, movable fit
  • Minimal tags and/or labels 
  • One-off colour combinations that make no two items alike
  • Easy care: Machine wash & dry
  • The big imaginations of your little ones in mind

To be worn with courage & curiosity!

At Nudnik, we’re redefining the concept of “new.” Each piece is lovingly hand cut & sewn from material originally meant for the landfill. As such, what you order may not be identical in colour to what you see pictured. This element of surprise makes your garment as unique as the child wearing it.